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Along the dusky wandering streets of an ancient city in the North Lowland, a young man walks alone. Lucas carries light for the citizens of the City of Dreams, but in his heart questions burn. How did his beloved mother die, and who is his father? Compelled by his own vicious nightmares, along with the urgings of his benefactor Mrs. Kempel, and odd advice from a fortuneteller, he travels to Arcana, his childhood home. His desire to discover his origins is confounded by an abrupt encounter with a mysterious young woman, several unscrupulous strangers, a wrathful old woman, and a looming spectre from his past. Guided by a unique gift and primaeval awareness, Lucas delves into a journey of mystery, romance, and trickery.

"What a page turner! The plot keeps you going. I had to read the book in one seating." - Amazon Reader


"Lots of subtle twists and turns to keep you engaged and guessing." - Amazon Reader

                Excerpt from

        CITY of DREAMS

Her flawless olive skin shimmered as the room brightened with firelight, the smooth black hair could not belong to the same woman who just the other day told him about his mother's trunks. When he stepped closer, she stood tall as he remembered, and her eyes reflected the burning coals. 

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